truSculpt® iD by Cutera® (Nonsurgical Body Contouring) – Noninvasive Fat Reduction – Plano, TX

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truSculpt iD Ideal Candidates

When you have specific areas that refuse to lean out no matter how much you diet or exercise, it is best to have a consultation with a physician you trust about nonsurgical fat loss options. At Willowbend Med Spa, our board-certified OB/GYN, Dr. Deanah Jibril, has the innovative truSculpt iD technology that uses radiofrequency (RF) heat to reshape small areas on the body without surgery. She provides men and women with truSculpt iD consultations at her office in Plano, TX. The truSculpt iD can reduce minimal areas of body fat, produce results in the appearance of cellulite, and reshape areas that bulge.

While this type of nonsurgical treatment is not a "quick fix" for weight loss, it is effective in changing your shape with multiple sessions over time. In as little as 15 minutes each session, Dr. Jibril can manipulate the areas of your body with the truSculpt iD that are resistant to change — all without interrupting the rest of your day. If you would like to learn more about this technology, please contact our Plano, TX office at Willowbend Med Spa to get on our schedule for a consultation at your earliest convenience. 

About truSculpt iD

The truSculpt iD is a wonderful tool for our patients at Willowbend Med Spa in that it can help with small pockets of unwanted fat. It can also be a helpful supplement to a weight loss program in assisting in the loss of inches. Candidates who have a lot of weight to lose should not rely on this technology solely as a method of fat loss. With a diet and exercise regime, the truSculpt iD may assist candidates but will not provide a drastic drop in weight. For example, if there is a specific area on your waistline or an area of fat on the flanks, the truSculpt iD can reduce the area to a degree. Dr. Jibril will discuss ways the truSculpt iD can provide you with noninvasive fat reduction after a consultation in her office.

Find out more about truSculpt

After you have had a truSculpt iD consultation and are ready for your first session, we will do our best to make your appointment run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. You can prepare yourself in a private treatment room where your truSculpt iD session will take place. Once ready, your truSculpt iD technician will use a select handpiece to use that is appropriate to the subcutaneous areas being treated. The heat that is emitted from the device will cause some of the fat cells (an average of 24%) to die off and be eliminated naturally through your body's natural excretion processes. Whether a hands-free or hand-held technique is used in your appointment, your results from this deep dermal heating will be precise to the area you need it most and without an anesthetic or numbing agent.

What to Expect with truSculpt® iD

Once your session is finished, you can return to your usual daily activities. The truSculpt iD does not require a recovery period. However, you may feel a mild tenderness or see some redness within the treatment area. This should only remain for a few hours after the truSculpt iD session in our office. If you have any other side effects from the appointment, please call our office at Willowbend Med Spa for assistance. We would be happy to assist you in navigating your truSculpt iD after effects if they arise.

truSculpt iD Treatment Technique

A truSculpt iD treatment typically takes 15 minutes in one small area and an hour for the lower abdomen and flanks. Make the time in your schedule and budget to invest in these nonsurgical fat reduction treatments at Willowbend Med Spa in Plano, TX. Dr. Jibril understands that you are busy and need treatments that allow you to go back to your life right after your appointment. truSculpt iD does just that as it is fast and does not have a recovery period. Please have a consultation with us to learn more about the truSculpt iD technology.


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